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Our mission

The Center for Higher Educational Achievement is committed to building communities and providing programs to help minimize educational, economic, and residential barriers that prohibit individuals and families from achieving self-sufficiency.


The Center for Higher Educational Achievement’s Goal is to provide pathways to increase economic opportunities for individuals and families to have a self-sustainable life.


Our vision is to be a catalyst for positive change, working tirelessly to empower individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to break free from the cycles of disadvantage and unlock their boundless potential. We envision a world where education is a gateway to opportunity, where economic stability is attainable for all, and where access to safe and stable housing is a fundamental right. In pursuit of this vision, we are dedicated to fostering collaborative partnerships, innovative programs, and inclusive initiatives. We see a future where our efforts ripple through society, creating a profound and lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals and families. Together, we will transform obstacles into opportunities, building a world where self-sufficiency is achievable for all, and where every person can contribute to the betterment of their communities and society as a whole.

our History

The Center for Higher Educational Achievement (CHEA) was established with the goal of building strong communities and offering programs to address educational, economic, and residential obstacles that hinder the self-sufficiency of individuals and families. Throughout its history, CHEA has consistently created and implemented purposeful programs and services designed to break down these barriers. In 2011, CHEA opened the CHEA Adult Skill Center for adults age 25 and older. The unique educational center provides personalized, one-on-one,  academic training in basic reading and math, GED preparation, job preparation skills, and basic computer training classes. The Center provides training for some of Genesee County’s most vulnerable populations, which are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed (ALICE).  These are Michigan’s increasing number of individuals and families who work, but are unable to meet their basic needs, including food, childcare, housing, health care and transportation. These adult learners read below the 4th grade-level and are many are returning home-citizens. Most enrolled adult learners were Special Education High School graduates, who continue to struggle with basic reading, math, and Language Arts Skills, which prohibits them from obtaining employment that pays a livable wage.  

In 2016, CHEA introduced the CHEA Sustainable Community Housing Program, aimed to reduce homelessness, reduce blight, and to promote stability in the community where the CHEA  Adult Skill Center is located. Under the umbrella of CHEA Sustainable Community Housing  Program, CHEA Homes for Heroes Program was created for homeless, justice-impaired, military veterans. This permanent, rental home program works with local homeless shelters to provide housing for hard to place military veterans who possess a HUD-VASH voucher. The Homes for  Heroes permanent housing program offers veterans a stable, long-term housing option, ensuring they are not just temporarily sheltered, but can count on a stable residence over an extended period. What sets this CHEA's housing program apart, is its unique ability to accommodate chronically, homeless, justice-impaired, male veterans, who have encountered significant challenges in finding housing opportunities, due to a criminal history and/or poor credit.  Permanent housing not only addresses justice-impaired, military veterans, housing needs, but it also contributes to their overall rehabilitation, reintegration into society, and helps to prevent veterans from returning to homelessness.  

CHEA has paved multiple pathways into services that addresses individual needs through wrap around services made available to our community residents, adult education students, and our veteran residents through the CHEA Community Resource House, located next door to CHEA  Adult Skill Center, and within the neighborhood of our CHEA Homes for Heroes community.  This facility offers comprehensive community outreach resources such as: Financial Literacy  Training, Bais Computer Classes, attainment of state and federal I.D documents, COVID test Kits distribution, Mental Health Services, Copy & Print Center, Civil Legal Counseling Services,  Homeownership Program, Home Assessments for energy efficient homes, and MIBridges support to obtain food, medical, and emergency assistance support. Due to the numerous  community partnerships CHEA has established over the years, most of the programs offered  through the CHEA Community Resource House, are facilitated by local corporate and other non-

profit partners. 

From 2018-2020, CHEA continued to help reduce blight within the community by participating in Land Bank’s Clean & Green Program. CHEA hired area residents and attending adult education students to mow and remove debris from an estimated grand total of 1,785 lots,  located on Flint’s east side. Currently, CHEA has partnered with The City of Flint Planning &  Development Department to continue the efforts in reducing blight with-in the community.


2018- 2019, CHEA went live on Flint’s own AM 1420, for CHEA Use of Knowledge is Power  Community Engagement Radio Show. This radio show platform provided CHEA, another access point to connect with Flint residents. The outcomes associated with the radio broadcast show provided a continuous, weekly conversation, regarding access to local programs and services offered by area agencies and organizations, aimed to broaden listeners’ awareness within their community.  

2019-2021, CHEA produced it first prime-time television show under the same name, “CHEA  Use of Knowledge is Power” for the CW Network. The implementation of CHEA “Use of  Knowledge is Power” for television viewers expanded CHEA’s visibility and brand awareness across the State of Michigan. The benefit to engaged listeners and viewers of CHEA “Use of  Knowledge is Power”, is the understanding of the use of knowledge in its applied form, it enables a person to become the best person they are created to be. This newly found identity will positively impact their lives and change the people and the community around them. Previously recorded radio and television shows are available as a library of knowledge on YouTube under  CHEA Adult Skill Center.

Take a look into our work

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